08 October 2020
Smoked pork neck - If you do not taste such a thing in this life, it means that you live in vain!

        A plate of delicious pork dishes should also include a few slices of smoked pork neck, from the Smoke Factory. Such a snack may be suitable for a festive meal - such as Christmas - but can also be put on the table to be served on an ordinary day of the year.

        The smoked pork neck has an excellent taste, it is enough to taste just a little and that piece becomes the best, the most appetizing in taste, so you want to eat another piece again and again. Your luck is that such a product is full and you do not have to eat too much to get fill. The advantage is that you feel full pretty quickly, after only 2-3 slices and you are not in danger of gaining weight by accumulating a large number of calories. Such a preparation made through a traditional recipe at the Smoke Factory is only good to eat, the meat has an irresistible appetizing smell and a special flavor, to leave mouth watering.

        The recipes are traditional, using only natural spices - peppercorns, allspice, bay leaf, rosemary, salt - and finally season the smoked meat with paprika, ground pepper, garlic and thyme. Pork is macerated in a stew with chosen spices and smoked with natural wood smoke, which matches the taste of the meat. After the traditional smoking, the pork neck is kept cold in a special place for the smoking and then it can be kept, without changing its taste and aroma. The smoking process is important, that requires a lot of patience. After this treatment the product is delicious, acquires a specific aroma and maintains its freshness over time.

        The smoked pork neck snack is excellent for beer but also for a good wine. The slices are tender and fragrant, perfect for sandwiches and starters. Winter Holidays and the New Year are coming soon and you don't have to worry about what you will put on the festive table for your loved ones. Give up meat delicacies from industrial production (which have many additives) to take better care of your health and replace them with traditional smoked pork products from the Smoke Factory that are natural and a delight for the taste buds, it simply rains in your mouth when you look at them and bring them close to your nose!

        Taste this delicious smells dish - smoked pork neck - and you'll say, "Yeah, it's really delicious and good."