Pork chop has always been considered a real delicacy for meat lovers, but when it is marinade and smoked it can be said that it has become an excellent, unforgettable dish, perfect for the holidays. It is a real delight for the eyes to see such a specialty, and when you bring it close to your nose you can smell the natural smoke and the aroma of grandma's spices, which make you say that "it is a good and tasty pastrami to God!"

      If you want to indulge in something tasty, choose the smoked pork chop from the Smoke Factory! This preparation is made from fat-free pieces of meat, very well chosen, which are kept in the marinade with natural spices and then smoked by the classic, traditional method, with natural cherry wood smoke. The result is excellent - you get a delicious pastrami, beautiful in color, which is neither too soft nor too dry. It has a special taste, of well-smoked meat, with the right texture, very fine, without fat, but with the specific aroma of smoke.

      The smoked pork chop is a delicious dish, perfect to be served for breakfast or a quick meal during the week. Choose this dish made by the Smoke Factory, which is part of the category of traditionally smoked healthy products! You can serve it sliced ​​in the form of a sandwich made by your own hand, instead of salami or parizer, and you will see that it is more filling, tastier and healthier than these. Along with it on the plate you can add all kinds of fresh vegetables - carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, garlic, capsicum and bell peppers - which give you a real harmony of vitamins, tastes and flavors. The smoked pork chop is specific to Romania, it can be served for lunch or dinner, in different meat recipes, with bread or polenta, with a garnish of potatoes, mushrooms or vegetables, with onions, garlic, horseradish or pickles, but and along with other traditional meat dishes and cold smoked meats.

       Smoked pork chop is a tasty specialty, which must be part of your varied menu of good tastes, healthy dishes! It smells great, looks very good and has an extra aroma borrowed from traditional Romanian spices and smoke resulting from burning cherry wood. It is an exceptional, tasty dish, perfect for those who prefer healthy meat, prepared by the traditional Romanian method.




Smoked pork chop - A delicious specialty, smoked like grandparents at home!
04 March 2021