04 March 2021
       Pork chop has always been considered a real delicacy for meat lovers, but when it is marinade and smoked it can be said that it has become an excellent, unforgettable
02 March 2021
         Not all people admit to being crazy about traditional fats. However, when I hear about smoked bacon, I sit and think: Is there anyone who can resist? There is someone
08 October 2020
        A plate of delicious pork dishes should also include a few slices of smoked pork neck, from the Smoke Factory. Such a snack may be suitable for a festive meal






                The SMOKE FACTORY is a 100% Romanian brand, founded in Iasi out of a passion for good taste and clean food, without preservatives. From the very beginning, we wanted our food to have a special signature. Since 2018, a large part of our dishes are nationally certified as a TRADITIONAL PRODUCT. We do not have a business, we have a brand that is guided by our own secret recipes, taste and trust that our customers and partners offer us whenever they have the opportunity. Discover a wide range of safe and fresh dishes, smoked 100% naturally with cherry wood and meet Mr. "Hmmm" and Mrs. "How good it is!" This is how the SMOKE FACTORY brand is built with responsible people who appreciate innovation, tradition and quality. We are proud that we can offer on the tables of Romanians healthy products that gladly gather their loved ones at the table.